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Senior Tutor Update - Easter Break

Milda, April 4, 2020

As we wrap up the Spring Term, our Senior Tutor, Vivek Gathani, introduces parents to our plans for helping keep students engaged and maintaining good study routines during the holiday period.

As schools pause for the holidays, we will be sharing free Mathematics and English holiday work for our students.

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Introducing our new Manager

Milda, April 3, 2020

We may have had to temporarily close our office but our team have shown incredible resilience and commitment as we have continued to work from home. This week, we have some very exciting and long-anticipated news from our office team!

We are delighted to welcome Rosie Smart who joins our team as our new Manager. Having worked in a managing role for the past ten years, Rosie brings a wealth of leadership experience combined with a strong commitment to the Trefoil values.

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Senior Tutor Update - 29 March 2020

Milda, March 29, 2020

In this week's Senior Tutor Update, Vivek reviews our first week of online lessons.

You can watch the video here:

Introort as we settled into new routines! As we begin our final week of the Spring Term, Vivek also reminds students to revise for their end-of-term assessments. Do not hesitate to skype your tutor on trefoil.maths, trefoil.english and trefoil.science if you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!


Milda, March 28, 2020

As we settle into new routines of online learning, we are delighted to see that so many of our students have already engaged with our new way of running lessons and are watching our teaching videos, uploading homework assignments and calling our tutors for one-to-one Skype consultations. Well done, everyone!

A number of parents have contacted us asking how to use the online portal and upload homework assignments. We have recorded a short video explaining the process:

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Senior Tutor Update - Starting Online Lessons

Milda, March 23, 2020

Dear All,

As students across the country begin their first week of home-schooling, our team are in the office and ready to continue our lessons online! In his video message this morning, our Senior Tutor, Vivek Gathani, welcomes all our students to our new way of teaching and learning and explains what the upcoming weeks will look like.

You can watch the video here:

Happy learning!


Milda, March 20, 2020

Following the cancellation of GCSE and A-level examinations, our Year 11 and Year 13 students are undoubtedly waiting for further clarification regarding the way their GCSE and A-level examinations will be determined.

The Education Secretary has just released the following statement, explaining that:

- Students' results will be determined in consultation with schools

- If students do not feel their calculated grade reflects their performance, they will have the opportunity to sit an exam at the earliest reasonable opportunity, once schools are open again

- Students will also have the option to sit their exams in summer 2021.

You can read the full statement here.

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Coronavirus Advice

Milda, March 13, 2020

Following the most recent government advice regarding coronavirus, we would like to reiterate that students and parents displaying coronavirus symptoms, such as a high temperature of 37.8C or more, or a new, continuous cough, should stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days.If you are self-isolating due to coronavirus symptoms, do let us know and we will ensure the lesson materials reach you in a timely fashion. In order to avoid catching coronavirus, you are advised to:

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – for example, consider washing your hands when you arrive to lessons and when you get home afterwards

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World Book Day Reading List

Milda, March 5, 2020

Today, we celebrate World Book Day! Although it sometimes may seem that today is about fancy dress costumes rather than books, we would like to encourage our young readers to pick up a new book this week and nurture their good reading habits.

To help you choose your new read, our English tutor Milda has compiled a new list of book recommendations for students from Year 4 to Year 11. You can download it here:

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Milda, March 2, 2020

Today, primary school students around the country receive their secondary school offers issued by grammar and state schools. We would like to wish our 11+ students who sat grammar school entrance examinations in September the best of luck!

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Milda, March 1, 2020

During the half-term break, our office gathered together for a staff induction training day, bringing together staff who have recently joined our team as well as new members of the team who will be coming on board in the coming months.

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Milda, Feb. 24, 2020

After a relaxing half-term break, we look forward to welcoming all our students back to a new set of lessons today. Did you notice that we have already reached the half-way mark of the academic year?

Have a great half term, everyone!


Milda, Feb. 21, 2020

As the half term break comes to an end, we would like to remind parents and students that Mathematics and English holiday work for all year groups has been uploaded to the online portal.

To access the assignments prepared by our tutors Vivek and Milda, please log on to the online portal and choose the "Lesson Materials" section in the menu. Vivek and Milda have also written answers to the assignments which are uploaded in the same section.

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11+ Offers Day

Milda, Feb. 14, 2020

We would like to wish the best of luck to all 11+ students receiving their independent school offers today - we hope it's a day of good news!

As ever, our tutors will be sitting on the edges of their seats keeping their fingers firmly crossed for you - please do give us a call to let us know your results.

If you would like to speak to our Senior Tutor about your school choices, please do not hesitate to give our office a call, we would be more than happy to share our insights and experience in order to help you weigh up your options.


Milda, Feb. 13, 2020

If you are looking to join our group lessons in Mathematics, English, Science or Economics, we are glad to present the new Group Lessons Availability page on our website: https://www.trefoiltutors.co.uk/availability/.

The page is updated each day with the number of places still available in our group lessons, making it easy for you to check the times and dates of available groups.

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Assessment Week reminder

Milda, Feb. 10, 2020

As we begin the final week of lessons before the half-term break, we would like to remind students that this week, they will be sitting a 30-minute assessment in their lessons. Do remember to review your classwork notes and homework assignments in preparation!

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Senior Tutor Update - Half-term Assessment Week

Milda, Feb. 8, 2020

In this week's update, our Senior Tutor Vivek Gathani reminds about the upcoming assessment week and shares some revision tips with our students.

To watch the video, follow the link below:

We are recruiting: Teacher of Mathematics (full-time)

Milda, Feb. 7, 2020

We are excited to share a unique opportunity to join our teaching team!

Trefoil Tutors are looking to employ a full-time Teacher of Mathematics to teach up to twelve weekly 90-minute lessons to groups of up to six students.

The successful candidate should hold a mathematics-based degree and have experience in teaching. FQT status, school teaching experience and the ability to teach Further Maths are preferred but not essential.

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Milda, Feb. 6, 2020

The Intermediate Maths Challenge commences today, with Year 10 and Year 11 students competing for gold, silver and bronze certificates across the country.

We would like to wish the best of luck to all our students who are sitting the Challenge today! Remember that it is not an exam, but a challenge - so stay calm and enjoy the process!

All our best wishes,

The Trefoil Team