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Advice Evenings

11+ Parents' Advice Evening

Our team of qualified teachers and experienced tutors are always happy to share their experience and advice with the parents of our students. To give our 11+ students and their parents as much support as possible, throughout the year, we organise Parents' Advice Evenings that are focused on the 11+ entrance process for Grammar and Independent Schools in the North London area.

Parents who attended our last 11+ Parents' Advice Evening in June 2023 said:

“It was honest and unbiased! Very informative and data driven in terms of results statistics across various schools.”

“It was helpful to see a timeline for 11+ preparation, even for Years 4 and 5.”

Please check this page for dates of upcoming 11+ Advice events this academic year.

About the event

At Trefoil Tutors, we believe that our commitment to providing exceptional educational services does not finish at the end of each lesson.

During the event, our Senior Tutor Vivek Gathani (Mathematics), our Director of Studies Rebecca Wolffe (Reasoning) and our Director Milda Gathani (English) will share their experience of supporting students in their 11+ preparations over the last decade. With a combined 35 years of teaching experience, our three lead subject tutors have a wealth of experience in preparing students for the 11+ examinations in North London.

The presentation will include:

  • An overview of the 11+ process
  • An insight into the top Grammar and Independent schools in the area
  • A closer look at our 11+ programme at Trefoil
  • An analysis of our results from previous years
  • Advice for parents to support their child's preparation
  • A question and answer session